Annabelle is a fictional character from The Conjuring Universe who first appeared in The Conjuring film (2013). She is a porcelain doll that is possessed by a powerful demonic spirit. The doll was first discovered by Ed and Lorraine Warren, who brought it to their home and kept it in a glass case.

AnnaBelle has become a popular horror movie icon and is often featured in stories, books, and toys. It is said that the doll has the power to manipulate its victims through manipulation, possession, and other supernatural powers. Despite this, the doll has an innocent-looking face and an eerily comforting demeanor.

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To make Annabelle Apocalypse Costume you will need :

DIY Annabelle Costume

To make an Annabelle doll costume, you’ll need a white dress, white leggings,red cloth belt and a brown hair wig.

Start by finding a white dress, old kind dress, that is form-fitting and falls just above the knee. Add a pair of white leggings and black shoes. For the wig, choose a style that is long and straight, with bangs that fall just above the eyes.

For the makeup, use a pale foundation and add a pair of circles around the eyes with white and black eyeliner. Shade the cheekbones with a pale blush and use a peach lipstick. Add fake eyelashes and white eyeshadow to create the perfect Annabelle look.

For the accessories, find a white handbag in the shape of a doll and add a pearl necklace. Top off the costume with a white and red wig that falls just below the shoulders. Finally, add a red hairband and some white gloves to complete the look.

Annabelle Costume for Halloween

Annabelle the Doll Story

Annabelle the doll is a supernatural horror story that follows the Warrens, a couple who are paranormal investigators. While investigating a dark case, they come across an eerie doll, Annabelle. As they investigate further, they discover that the doll is possessed by a powerful demonic spirit.

The Warrens take the doll and attempt to contain it in a glass case, hoping to keep the evil forces away from their home. However, the spirit behind the doll is powerful and relentless, and it soon finds a way to manipulate its victims.

The Warrens discover that the spirit behind the doll is determined to take revenge on the family, and they must find a way to stop it before it is too late. The Annabelle doll story is an intense and thrilling tale of horror and suspense that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats.