Cruella Deville is one of the most iconic villains in Disney history. She’s the wicked witch who originated from the classic movie, “The Great Mouse Detective.” Cruella Deville is known for her extreme cruelty – she’s often shown torturing and killing animals. But her hatred of dogs goes beyond just animals. In fact, she seems to hate all creatures, including humans.

Fortunately, there’s no need to worry about dressing up as Cruella Deville. There are a number of costume ideas available online – from witch costumes to Cruella Deville costumes featuring dogs as her favorite victims. And if you’re feeling extra wicked, you can even add a bit of Cruella Deville’s trademark white and black hair to your costume. So whether you’re looking to celebrate Halloween or just want to dress up like an evil witch, Cruella Deville costumes are perfect for you!

Cruella Deville Costumes

This is a list of ideas to dress like cruella deville

Cruella Deville Costume Idea 1 ( Red Cruella Deville )

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Cruella Deville Costume Idea 2 ( Disney Cruella Deville )

Cruella Deville Costume Idea 3 ( Cruella Deville Movie outfit)

How to dress like Cruella Deville

To dress like Cruella Deville, you’ll need to channel her iconic style. She is a high modern fashion stylist, so everything that you will wear must fit her style.

Start with a red or black dress that is form-fitting and made of luxurious fabrics. Add a statement fur coat – preferably in a dalmatian print – that falls below the knee. Pair it with a pair of black or red trousers and complete the outfit with a pair of high-heeled shoes or boots.

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Cruella Deville Costume Ideas General
Cruella Deville Costume Ideas General

Accessorize the look with oversized hoop earrings, a pearl necklace, and a pair of oversized sunglasses. Wear your hair in a sleek style and add a bright red lipstick for maximum impact. Finally, dry your hair white and black to really impersonate her.

Cruella Deville Costume for Kids

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Cruella Deville Costume Ideas General
Cruella Deville Costume Ideas General

To make the Cruella costume for kids you will need : a black and white hair wig, a black dress with white fur on top of the shoulders ,red long gloves and black shoes.

Cruella Deville Costume for Halloween

Cruella Deville Story

Once upon a time there lived a woman who was feared by all. Her name was Cruella Deville, and she was infamous for her devious ways. She was a cruel and wicked person, with no redeeming qualities.

Cruella had an obsession with fashion, particularly fur coats. She would go to great lengths to get her hands on the most exquisite fur, even if it meant hurting innocent animals. She had a great dislike for dalmatians, believing them to be an inferior breed of animal.

One day, Cruella’s greed and ambition got the better of her. She hatched a sinister plan to obtain a thousand dalmatian puppies so she could create her own fur coat. Cruella purchased a mansion in the countryside as her base of operations and set about kidnapping the poor creatures from their owners.

Luckily, the puppies were saved by two brave teen siblings, Roger and Anita, who happened to be near the mansion. With the help of their loyal dalmatians, they outwitted Cruella and her henchmen. In the end, the wicked woman was arrested and sent to prison.

To this day, Cruella is remembered as one of the most wicked villains of all time. She serves as a reminder to us all that greed and ambition can be dangerous.