Deborah Thornberry or Debbie is a 16 year old teenager and as many teenagers at the age like boys, music and a lifestyle that her parents can’t afford.Unlike other kids her family travels the world . This make her life hard becouse she can’t date guys or buys things that any teenager desire , like cd etc.

Debbie Thornberry Costume Cosplay

To make Debbie Thornberry Costume you will need :

DIY Debbie Thornberry Costume Cosplay

DIY Debbie Thornberry Costume
Debbie Thornberry Costume from The Wild Thormberrys Anime-Manga Costumes

To do a DIY costume of Debbie is not that hard because the clothes Debbie Thornberry wears are as casual as can be, it is easy to create. Her costume is like a normal teenager so a classic long jeans will work. A orange , yellow or something similar top every girl has something in her closet .A flannel or just a green shirt and black shoes or sneakers will be fine.

Cosplay Debbie Thornberry – QUOTES

To cosplay Debbie you need to act like Debbie , so memorizing some phrases can work really fine. Here are some of her quotes to use :

-Don’t you have something to do ? like maybe EVOLVE

-I don’t really care about textbooks or chess . I like rock and roll

-Have lost all your ability to recognize sarcasm .

-Excuse me while i go find a container for my joy

-When i will write about my life , and i will , i will not be kind.