Kano is a character from the popular video game franchise Mortal Kombat. He is a ruthless mercenary and a member of the Black Dragon organization, known for his cybernetic eye and chest implant.

Kano is often depicted as a villain, with a cocky and arrogant personality. He has been featured in almost every Mortal Kombat game, including the latest installment, Mortal Kombat 11. Kano is known for his trademark moves like his knife throw and eye laser, and is a popular character among fans of the franchise.

Kano Cosplay Costume from Amazon

To make Kano Cosplay Costume from Amazon you will need :

Kano Cybernetic Cosplay parts

Kano Cosplay Costume Guide - Mortal Kombat World Mortal Kombat
Kano Cosplay Costume Guide - Mortal Kombat World Mortal Kombat

The main parts of the cosplay is the cybernetic eye and heart of Kano. This parts are impossible to find on shops, so you have to make them.

There are 2 ways to make this cosplay parts : 1 ) is by using foam and colors ( check the products on amazon )

If you have a 3d printer you can download cybernetic eye and heart of Kano 3d file from here and 3d print them

DIY Kano Cosplay Costume

Making a Kano costume can be a fun and creative project for fans of the Mortal Kombat franchise. Here are some steps to help you create your own Kano costume:

  1. Gather materials – You will need a black leather jacket, black pants, black boots, a black t-shirt, and gloves .
  2. Cybernetic Eye – Kano’s most recognizable feature is his cybernetic eye. You can create this using a red LED light and a cardboard or plastic cutout shaped like an eye. Attach the LED light to the cutout with glue or tape and attach it to your head with an elastic band.
  3. Chest Implant – Kano’s chest implant can be created using foam or cardboard cutouts shaped like a rectangle and attached to your chest with straps or adhesive.
  4. Weapons – Kano is known for using knives and throwing them at his enemies. You can create foam knives and attach them to your belt or jacket.
  5. Makeup – Apply black eyeliner or face paint around your eyes to create Kano’s signature look. You can use the make up to make some temporary tattoos too.

With these steps, you can create a Kano costume that is sure to impress your friends and fellow Mortal Kombat fans.

Kano Cosplay Costume for Halloween

Kano Story

He is a ruthless mercenary and member of the Black Dragon organization. Kano is known for his trademark moves, such as the knife toss, the cannonball, and the heart rip fatality. He has been a popular character among fans since his debut in the first Mortal Kombat game in 1992.

Kano’s backstory is that he is an Australian criminal and arms dealer who has been involved in numerous illegal activities, including drug trafficking, smuggling, and assassination. He is a skilled fighter and weapons expert, and he has a cybernetic eye that gives him enhanced vision and the ability to shoot lasers.

Kano has been a recurring character throughout the Mortal Kombat series, and he has appeared in various spin-off games, comics, and movies. He is often portrayed as a villain, but he has also been depicted as an anti-hero in some storylines. Despite his villainous tendencies, Kano has a loyal following of fans who appreciate his brutal fighting style and charismatic personality.