Talon Widowmaker is the latest Overwatch character to be revealed as a playable antagonist. She’s also one of the more mysterious villains in the game’s universe. Outside her obvious connection to Reaper, little is known about her past or motivations. In this guide , we’ll try to shed some light on how to cosplay Widowmaker.

What You Need to Know

Cosplaying as a video game character can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also be incredibly challenging. Doing your research and finding the right set of clothes that accurately portray your character is half the battle. The other half is presenting yourself in the best possible light whenever you’re out and about. This includes knowing how to act on camera and improvise when needed. If you want to look like Talon widowmaker while cosplaying her at some point in the future, keep reading! Here are some helpful tips that will have you looking like Talack happily dressed as Widowmaker in no time.

How to Cosplay Talon Widowmaker

Talon Widowmaker Cosplay Costume from Overwatch : DIY Guide Games Costumes
Talon Widowmaker Cosplay Costume from Overwatch : DIY Guide Games Costumes

To make Talon Widowmaker cosplay costume you will need :

-Widowmaker Helmet ( check aliexpress or download 3d model )

Long Straight Hair Wig

Purple Body Paint

Widowmaker Costume

Widowmake Boots

Widowmaker Weapon ( check aliexpress or download 3d model )

Who is Widowmaker ?

Widowmaker is a former black-ops assassin from Russia who was framed and put into prison after the mission that gave her the name (she was working as an operative for a covert ops unit when she was betrayed and left for dead). She has now been released and is out to get revenge on those who sentenced her to prison, but also to find out what led them to betray her in the first place.
The character of Widowmaker is an interesting one because she serves both as a villain and a hero. In this blog post we will be exploring different cosplays of the character, some of which are more villainous than others.

How to look like Widowmaker ?

First wear the costume ,try it on and see if it need to be adjusted . Put the boots on ,walk around to fill if they are the right size.

Now the hardest part ,you need to cover all your visible body part in purple including your hair ( or wig ). You can do it with the costume on or just sign the exact part of your body need to be paint.

The last to wear is the mask and the weapon.

Don’t forget she is an assassin that lost everything so don’t be afraid to be fierce and strong.

The name says it all.

Finally, make sure to take pictures of your costume before wearing it in public so you can share your amazing Widowmaker cosplay with the world!