The Mandalorian is a space Western television series set in the Star Wars universe, created by Jon Favreau and released on Disney+. The series follows the adventures of a lone bounty hunter who is a member of the same species as the popular character Yoda.

The story follows Din Djarin, a Mandalorian bounty hunter, as he embarks on a quest to find a home for a young Force-sensitive child as a favor to his client. Along the way, he encounters a number of allies and adversaries, including the enigmatic Armorer, the dangerous Jawas, and the mysterious IG-11. His journey takes him across the galaxy to the planet of Arvala-7, where he must face off against a bounty hunter guild, a ruthless Imperial remnant, and even an incredible creature.

The Mandalorian is full of action-packed sequences and breathtaking vistas, as well as moments of humor and emotion. It also features some of the best performances of the Star Wars franchise, with Pedro Pascal and Gina Carano bringing nuance and depth to their respective roles. With its unique blend of Star Wars iconography and fresh storytelling, The Mandalorian is sure to attract both fans and newcomers to the universe alike.

The Mandalorian Adult Costume from Amazon

To make a Mandalorian Costume you will need :

The Mandalorian Kids Costume from Amazon

To make a Mandalorian Costume you will need :

DIY The Mandalorian Costume Cosplay Adult / Kids with 3d printer

A Mandalorian costume is a great way to make an impression at any costumed event! This iconic outfit from the Star Wars universe is an easy and affordable way to show off your fandom.

FirstDownload Complete Mandalorian Armor Costume Cosplay 3d Model

The Costume components are the following :

  • A Mandalorian helmet
  • A Mandalorian flight suit
  • A Mandalorian vest
  • A Mandalorian belt
  • A pair of Mandalorian gauntlets
  • Mandalorian boots
  • A blaster

The most important component of the costume is the helmet. The helmet has a distinct shape and is composed of several pieces that fit together like a puzzle.

It’s also important to have the right fabric for the costume; a heavy, durable material like leather is best. The rest of the costume consists of a cape, a belt, and calf-high boots.

After you found this materials the only thing to remain is 3d printing all the parts.

From our experience all the 3d printing products at start need sanding and after is the painting. A dark grey or black spry can work just fine for the hole armor. ( check the spry on amazon ).

To attach the parts to the cloths you need to sew or glue them.

The Hellozon team that has made the armor ,did with sewing but gluing the parts can work too.

The only thing left to complete the cosplay is the Mandalorian Blaster ( download from here ), gloves and the bullet holder.

To make the gloves find some dark brown gloves and glue on top the armor that you already 3d printed.

DIY The Mandalorian Armor Adult / Kids with Foam

To make with foam is for shure fun but it is time consuming and for shure alot of work behind. You can see the video of how to make the mandalorian armor with foam


Cosplaying The Mandalorian is a great way to show off your love of Star Wars and become a part of the universe. Make sure you practice the character’s movements, poses, and mannerisms to truly become the character. Have fun and enjoy your time in your Mandalorian cosplay!

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