Aki Hayakawa is the deuteragonist of the Chainsaw Man series . He is Denji’s best friend and a Public Safety Devil Hunter under Makima’s squad. He is known for his stoic personality and is the only main character with a last name.

He was born in Hokkaido, Japan. Some interesting trivia about him includes that he had one younger sibling named Taiyo who died when Aki encountered the Gun Devil during a childhood snowball fight, and he has made contracts with four different devils

Aki Hayakawa Cosplay Costume from Amazon

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How much will cost to make Aki Hayakawa Cosplay

To make the full cosplay of Aki Hayakawa including costume , katana , wig and shoes will costs around 180 $ .

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How to look like Aki Hayakawa – DIY Cosplay Costume

To make an Aki Hayakawa cosplay from Chainsaw Man, you will need a few essential items. First, you will need his signature black uniform coat, which can be found in various online stores . You will also need a black suit, as Aki often wears this under his coat , a white shirt , white and blue all start and a platic katana. To complete the look, you can make your hair look like his or buy a wig .

Aki also has a stoic personality, so make sure to reflect this in your mannerisms and expressions when cosplaying as him. Additionally, it is worth noting that Aki’s last name, Hayakawa, means “fast river” in Japanese.

Aki Hayakawa Cosplay Costume for Halloween

Aki Hayakawa Story

Aki Hayakawa is the deuteragonist and Denji’s best friend in the manga series Chainsaw Man [1][2]. He is a dedicated Public Safety Devil Hunter, joining Denji, Power, and Himeno on various missions to fight devils [1].

Aki is known for his stoic and professional demeanor, keeping his emotions hidden [2]. However, he has a complex character with a tragic backstory, including the death of his younger brother in front of him [2][3].

Aki has also made contracts with four different devils, including the Fox Devil, which he summons to help Denji in battle [2]. He questions his feelings towards devils and his trust in his colleagues throughout their missions [1]. Aki even makes the ultimate sacrifice to save Denji’s life [1].

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