Lin Yao is a human-based homunculus and the twelfth crown prince of the Eastern nation of Xing, where he is the head of the Yao clan . Notably, he is a character from the manga and the 2009 anime series.

Ling is known for being personable, shrewd, ambitious, and possessing a strong sense of duty. He is also a skilled martial artist and adept at sensing the aura of humans and homunculi.

Lin Yao Cosplay Costume from Amazon

To make Lin Yao Cosplay Costume from Amazon you will need :

How much costs Ling Yao Costume

To purchase the full costume from Amazon will costs around 200$ , counting in this price full costume , sword and accessories.

If you planning to make the costume by your self you can use pieces that you already have to make it , but some pieces like the sword or jacket are hard to make and many just buy them.

How to look like Ling Yao – DIY Cosplay Costume

To look like Ling Yao from FullMetal Alchemist, you’ll first need to get his outfit. This includes loose white trousers and a goldenrod shirt.

You might also want to add traditional Japanese sarashi on the abdomen and wrists for authenticity .

Looking like Ling Yao also requires embodying his personable nature and strong sense of duty. This is as important as the physical resemblance.

Lin Yao Cosplay Costume for Halloween

Ling Yao Story

Ling Yao, the twelfth child out of forty-one children of the emperor of Xing, is the crown prince who embarks on a journey to Amestris . His motivation behind this journey is to find the Philosopher’s Stone, the secret to immortality, which he believes will help him become the Emperor of Xing . Ling’s journey to Amestris is filled with challenges, as a great desert separates the two countries .

Despite his royal lineage, Ling is far from a stereotypical prince. Described as tall, muscular, and mature for his age, he is also highly skilled in Xingese martial arts and is an expert swordsman . His physical prowess is complemented by his shrewdness, ambition, and observational skills, making him a formidable figure .

However, Ling’s personality is not all seriousness and ambition. He is also known for his comedic side, often seen with a voracious appetite. His tenacious will and survival instincts often lead him to employ questionable tactics, reflecting his considerable pride and determination to achieve his objectives .

Ling’s journey in Amestris takes a dramatic turn after he assimilates with Greed, one of the Homunculi. This assimilation leads to a change in his outfit to all black and enhances his combat skills, as he now has access to Greed’s shield and claws . Despite these changes, Ling remains committed to his goal of becoming the Emperor of Xing and ensuring the prosperity of his people.