Roy Mustang is a character in the anime and manga series Fullmetal Alchemist. He is a skilled alchemist and a high-ranking officer in the military, serving as the Flame Alchemist and earning the nickname “Hero of Ishval” for his actions during the Ishval Civil War.

Mustang is depicted as a charismatic and ambitious leader who is determined to become the next F├╝hrer of Amestris. He is also known for his love of women and his tendency to flirt with them, which often gets him into trouble with his subordinates.

Roy Mustang Cosplay Costume from Amazon

To make Roy Mustang Cosplay Costume from Amazon you will need :

How much cost Roy Mustang Costume

The hole costume of Roy Mustang will cost around 140 – 150 $ , included in this price are all the accessories like gloves ,wig ,boots and of course the costume.

If you want to make it cheaper things like boots and the wig can be passed and instead you can use just black sneakers or black boots.

How dress and look like Roy Mustang – DIY Cosplay Costume

To dress like Roy Mustang is not hard. If you can manage to find some old soldier cloths ( you can find those in many garage markets ) and color it with blue , you are already half way there.

Anther way to make his costume is to suite and add the details ,like the white trimmer etc.

About shoes , any black boots can work . Some white gloves and you done.

Rosy Mustang Cosplay Costume for Halloween

Roy Mustang Story

He is a State Alchemist and holds the military rank of Colonel.

In the story, Roy Mustang is a skilled alchemist known as the “Flame Alchemist” due to his ability to create and manipulate fire. He is known for his confident and charismatic personality. Roy aspires to become the Fuhrer of Amestris, the country in which the story takes place, in order to bring about positive changes and eradicate corruption within the military and government.

Throughout the series, Roy Mustang plays a significant role in the fight against the Homunculi, powerful artificial beings, and the corrupt forces within the military. His character arc involves personal struggles, sacrifices, and a desire to protect those close to him.

Note: It’s important to mention that the story of Roy Mustang and “Fullmetal Alchemist” is copyrighted material created by Hiromu Arakawa.