Despicable Me is the story of a super villan Felonious Gru that tries to steal the moon and to be the greatest super villan of all. Full of little yellow small minions and a crazy scientist ready to execute every order , he makes a big plan. Nothing prepare him for his greatest challenge with the 3 orphans that want to make him their father.

Let’s see how to make all their costumes for your next party

Felonious Gru Costume Outfit

Felonious Gru or simply Gru is the main character in the Despicable Me franchise. He doesn’t have alot of different cloths and him main color are black.

Lets see how to cosplay Gru

DIY Gru Costume Outfit

To make DIY Gru Costume Outfit you will need :

How to Cosplay Gru

Gru has blue eyes, a long nose, and a broad, powerful body. He is tall and bald. and wears black trousers, shoes, a striped grey and black scarf, a dark stone-grey sweater with a zipper, and a black collared coat underneath. He has a thick accent and arms and legs that are significantly larger than his body.

He is very athletic and strong. He can dodge and jump off a number of missiles that fly at the speed of sound, backhand Vector’s shark with a single punch that looks like a truck, and smash his fist into Vector’s monitor without hurting his hand.

Gru is not only extraordinarily strong and agile but also extremely intelligent. For instance, when he was a kid, he built a real rocket, but later, Nefario and his minions took care of most of the work. Gru is also capable of devising clever strategies, such as his plan to steal Vector’s shrink ray.

Agnes Gru Costume Outfit

Agnes is the smallest of the 3 orphans adopted by Gru. She is lovely and sweet , loves unicorns and as any other kid , likes to play .

DIY Agnes Costume Outfit

To make DIY Agnes Costume Outfit you will need :

Margo Gru Costume Outfit

Margo is the biggest of the 3 orphans .She is basically a nerd , studies and reads alot.

DIY Margo Costume Outfit

To make DIY Margo Costume Outfit you will need :

Edith Gru Costume Outfit

Edith is the middle of the 3 . She like to play with toys and guns that find around the house.

She like pink cloths and is the strongest between the them.

DIY Edith Gru Costume Outfit

To make DIY Edith Gru Costume Outfit you will need :

Dr. Joseph Albert Nefario Costume Outfit

Dr. Joseph Albert Nefario or just Nefario is the real mind behind every invention of Gru.

He is maybe the only friend of Gru in Despicable Me 1 movie.

DIY Nefario Costume Outfit

To make DIY Nefario Costume Outfit you will need :