Edward Scissorhands is a fictional character created by director Tim Burton and portrayed by actor Johnny Depp. He is a young man with scissors for hands who is taken in by a suburban family after living alone in an abandoned mansion.

Edward’s hands cause him to be seen as an outcast, and he struggles to find acceptance and a place to belong. Despite his sharp and dangerous appearance, he is a gentle, kind soul who is ultimately trying to find love and acceptance.

Edward Scissorhands Costume Cosplay for Men

To make Edward Scissorhands Costume Cosplay from Amazon you will need :

Edward Scissorhands Costume Cosplay for Women and Girls

To make Edward Scissorhands Costume Cosplay for Women and Girls you will need :

How to Cosplay Edward Scissorhands

First, try to find a black leather-like material to make the iconic coat. You can use craft foam or craft fur for the standup collar. Make sure to have plenty of black fabric for the lining and add some extra fabric for the attached belt in the back.

Next, purchase a pair of lightweight leather gloves and make sure to add a layer of craft foam to the wrists and palms. Then, use a pair of scissors to create the jagged edges of the blades. You can make your blades as long as you’d like.

Finish up with a pair of dark pants, a dark shirt, and a pair of black boots. You can use some makeup or face paint to create the white face, dark eyes, and red lips.

To make the cosplay even more detailed, try finding a black hair wig and carrying a small topiary around with you. Finally, practice your scissorhands pose and practice your lines. Have fun with it and have a great time cosplaying Edward Scissorhands!

Edward Scissorhands Cosplay Costume for Halloween

Edward Scissorhands Story

Edward Scissorhands was created by an elderly inventor who passed away before he could give Edward real hands. He had scissors instead. Edward was alone in the world, living in a castle high on a hill, until one day, when a curious local woman ventured up the hill to find him.

The woman, Peg, took Edward under her wing and brought him to her town. Although the townsfolk were initially scared of him, they eventually came to accept Edward, and he became beloved by many of them. However, Edward’s scissor hands made it difficult for him to fit in, as he was easily misunderstood and misjudged.

Despite the obstacles he faced, Edward found solace in his art—he crafted beautiful topiaries and sculptures from plants and shrubs. His art became a source of joy and comfort for Edward and the townspeople.

Eventually, tragedy struck, and Edward was forced to leave the town he had come to call home. He returned to the castle on the hill, where he remained for years, until one day he was reunited with Peg and the people of the town. With his talent for art, Edward was able to create a new home for himself and those around him.

Edward Scissorhands’ story is one of courage and creativity, showing that even in the midst of adversity, there is still hope. He is a reminder that with dedication and hard work, we can create beautiful things, even in the most difficult of circumstances.