If you’re looking for a costume idea this Halloween, have you considered taking on the role of Patrick Bateman? He’s the anti-hero protagonist in Bret Easton Ellis’ novel American Psycho. A wealthy young investment banker who has everything going for him, yet society doesn’t seem to appreciate it. Bateman is noted for his lack of empathy and ability to be completely ruthless towards those around him. In fact, he goes as far as to cut up his date after they break up with him.
That being said, he isn’t just known as a sociopath – others describe him as a “human hit-man.” That is because after meeting his perfect match, he is unable to feel anything but excitement (even when she kills themselves together).
Thus, let us explain how you can make this happen this Halloween!

What you need to complete Patrick Bateman’s costume

The first thing you will need to complete your Patrick Bateman costume is a nice suit. You can get one online ( check on amazon ) or go to a thrift store to pick up one for a few dollars. You’ll also need a shirt with white and blue lines. Lastly, a red tie. There are many ways to style a suit, and you can even find one that is tailored to look like Bateman. Pair this with a pair of black dress shoes and add a pair of black socks, and you are all set!

Patrick Bateman Costume Cosplay Shirt Pieces Axe Raincoat
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The key elements of a Patrick Bateman costume

– The Suit ( check on amazon )

If you don’t want a hole suit you can buy the pieces separately.

– The jacket for this suit should be a solid black color. You can even find a suit with a matching vest, which will make this costume even more authentic.

The Shirt can be white and blue lines or just just blue with white collar

White raincoat ( check on amazon )

– Trousers must be the same color as the jacket, preferably black.

Black trousers suspenders ( check on amazon )

The Shoes – For the shoes, you can either get a pair of black dress shoes or black boots.

The Socks – For the socks, you can either get a pair of black socks or, if you want to save some money, you can buy a pair of black corduroy socks.

The Axe must be fake of course but to really look like him you need it. ( check on amazon )

Fake Blood ( check on amazon )

Patrick Bateman Costume on Amazon and Ebay

We have searched and found the most convincing costume on store ,ready for you :

Patrick Bateman Costume nr 1 ( check on amazon )

Patrick Bateman Costume nr 2 ( check on ebay )

Tips for how to pull off a good Patrick Bateman Cosplay Costume

While Bateman may not have cared too much about his suit, you can make sure that you obsess over the details of your costume. You can even get your shoes resoled and your suit cleaned.

– Use Your Voice – You can talk in a deeper tone, and you can lower your tones at certain parts of the conversation. With this costume, you can become Patrick Bateman.

– Practice Your Gestures – The next thing you can do is practice your gestures. For example, you can make a “gun” motion with your hand when you talk about killing someone. With this, you can become Patrick Bateman.

– Be Fearless – The last thing you can do is be fearless while you are in this costume. With that costume, you can become Bateman.

– Don’t Forget the Makeup – Patrick Bateman cared about his images and his face . So be extra cleaned and cared before you go out.

– The Blood – Of course the blood. To make a real cosplay you must cover your raincoat of blood or if you want to make it even more realistic , cover your shirt and just and raincoat with blood


American Psycho may be a novel that is 25 years old, but it is still a very relevant piece of pop culture. It has a killer plot, interesting characters, and a very unique style of writing. If you’re looking for a Halloween costume that is unique and different, then this is the perfect costume choice for you. With that being said, you can use the tips mentioned above to make a great Patrick Bateman costume. With that being done, you’ll be ready for Halloween. From there, you can make an impression on your friends and family members.