Enid Sinclair is the roommate of Wednesday Addams from the new Netflix series Wednesday . In this campus, Nevermore Academy, where does stranger things happen , she help Wednesday investigate the murders . Different from what we think a werewolf can wear and act , she likes pink and purple and is sunny and cheerful.

Totally different from here roommate ,they make the perfect couple costume for your next halloween party.

Enid Sinclair School Outfit

To make Enid Sinclair School Outfit you need :

Enid Sinclair DIY Outfit Costume

To make Enid Sinclair DIY Outfit Costume you will need :

Outfits Wore Enid Sinclair

She wore many outfits and we will show where to find some of them

Enid Sinclair Casual Outfit

Enid Sinclair Cosplay Costume

To cosplay Enid Sinclair you must dress with pink / purple colors . She was cute but strong . Strong enough to stand up for her friends. She shows that being nice and cute doesn’t mean you’re weak .Perfect will be to find a friend to Cosplay Wednesday.