Zeref Dragneel is a character in the anime and manga series “Fairy Tail”. He is the main antagonist of the series and is known as the Black Wizard. Zeref is also the older brother of Natsu Dragneel, the protagonist of the series.

Zeref is a powerful mage who possesses the ability to control and manipulate the power of life and death. He is infamous for creating the dark magic known as the R-System, which allows him to bring the dead back to life as powerful demons known as the Etherious.

Zeref Dragneel Cosplay Costume from Amazon

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How to look like Zeref Dragneel – DIY Cosplay Costume

Making a Zeref Dragneel cosplay costume can be a fun and creative project for fans of the Fairy Tail series. Here are some steps you can follow to make your costume:

  1. Gather Materials: You will need black fabric for the cloak and pants, white fabric for the scarf ( or just a white scarf ), a wig in black or dark blue, black boots, and gold fabric for the collar.
  2. Make the Cloak and Pants: Use black fabric to create a long cloak that reaches down to the ankles. Don’t forget the gold decoration to the collar. For the pants, use black fabric to create a loose-fitting pair that tapers at the ankles.
  3. Add the Details: Use silver fabric or paint to create the belt and other details on the costume. This includes the silver buckle on the belt, silver trim on the cloak and pants, and silver buttons on the shirt.
  4. Finish with the Wig and Boots: Style your wig in a spiky, messy style with bangs that fall over the forehead. Add black boots to complete the look.

With these steps, you can create a Zeref Dragneel cosplay costume that is sure to impress fellow fans of the series.

Zeref Dragneel Cosplay Costume for Halloween

Zeref Dragneel Story

He is known as the most powerful dark wizard in history and is the founder of the Alvarez Empire. Zeref’s tragic backstory involves his family dying from a dark magic curse he accidentally created, causing him to seek immortality in order to find a way to reverse the curse. Throughout the series, he is depicted as a complex and conflicted character, torn between his desire to end his cursed existence and his love for his younger brother, Natsu.

Zeref is often portrayed as a mysterious and brooding figure, donning a black and white outfit with intricate silver details. His signature messy black hair and pale complexion make him a recognizable and distinctive character.