Great Saiyaman is a superhero persona taken on by Gohan, the son of Goku in the Dragon Ball Z anime series. Gohan created the Great Saiyaman alter-ego to conceal his identity while fighting crime and protecting his city.

Great Saiyaman is known for his heroic demeanor, bravery, and his signature “Justice Pose.” Gohan’s transformation into Great Saiyaman adds a unique twist to the Dragon Ball Z story and provides a fun and quirky character for fans to enjoy.

Great Saiyaman Cosplay Costume from Amazon

To make Great Saiyaman Cosplay Costume from Amazon you will need :

How much costs to make Great Saiyaman Costume

To buy great Saiyaman Costume will costs around 240 $ . This price includes all the elements of the costume the cardigan, helmet, belt etc.

Anyway the price can go much lower if you find some of this elements from your wardrobe or make them by your self.

How to make Great Saiyaman Helmet

You can follow this video process to make Great Saiyaman Helmet

How to look like Great Saiyaman ? DIY Cosplay Costume

To make a Great Saiyaman costume, you will need a black jumpsuit,green shirt or cardigan, a black belt gold buckle, white gloves, white boots, and a red cape.

To make the helmet you will need a bike helmet and 2 antenas ( radio antenas ). With some spry who can make it too looke like the original helmet.

Or create a helmet using cardboard or foam and spray-paint it with a metallic silver color. You can also add black tinted visors to the helmet to complete the look.

Great Saiyaman Cosplay Costume for Halloween

Great Saiyaman Story

After the defeat of Cell, Gohan entered high school and wanted to keep his identity as a warrior a secret. He created the Great Saiyaman persona to fight crime while keeping his true identity hidden.

The costume consists of a green and gold jumpsuit with a white cape and a helmet that covers the top half of his face. The symbol on the chest is a combination of Gohan’s old family crest and the symbol for “Saiya,” the race of warriors to which Goku and Vegeta belong.

As Great Saiyaman, Gohan fights crime with a mix of martial arts and superhero abilities. He eventually reveals his true identity to his close friends and family, but continues to use the Great Saiyaman persona when needed.

If you want to make your own Great Saiyaman costume, you can start with a green and gold spandex jumpsuit and add white fabric for the cape. The helmet can be made from foam or plastic, with a visor for the eyes. The chest symbol can be painted or appliqued onto the suit. With a little creativity, you too can become a superhero like Great Saiyaman!