Beetlejuice is a 1988 American comedy fantasy film directed by Tim Burton. The film stars Michael Keaton as the titular character, a mischievous and wacky ghost, and co-stars Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis as a couple who move into a haunted house and are tormented by Beetlejuice. The film also featured a young Winona Ryder, who was praised for her performance.

Beetlejuice Costume from Amazon

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Beetlejuice DIY Costume

Making a Beetlejuice costume is a fun and easy way to show off your creativity! You will need white striped black-and-white suit , green hair dye, and a green wig to give your costume an authentic look!

If you want to add some extra spooky touches, you can also find a fake beetle and attach it to the lapel of your jacket or add a fake scorpion . Once you have all the necessary supplies, you can start crafting your costume.

To start, dye your hair green and put on the white shirt and black tie. Accessorize with your black suspenders . Put on the white striped black-and-white suit jacket and add the fake beetle or scorpion. Finally, you can add some ghoulish makeup to complete the look.

Good luck and have fun!

Beetlejuice Costume for Kids

If you can find the suit with white and black stripe for kids than you can buy directly the full costume from amazon by clicking the image

Beetlejuice Costume - DIY Guide for Cosplay Beetlejuice
Beetlejuice Costume - DIY Guide for Cosplay Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice Costume version for Woman

Beetlejuice Costume for woman is a very interesting. You can try to make by your self by find some cloth with white and black stripes , and make a costume or a dress.

Or if you want to buy it ready you can click the images to see them on amazon

Beetlejuice Story

Beetlejuice had the ability to turn invisible, so no one knew who he was or where he came from. Beetlejuice lived in a spooky old house in a small town, and he would often play pranks on the townspeople.

One day, Beetlejuice decided to play a big prank and make everyone in the town think he was a real ghost. He put on a disguise and went about scaring people, pretending to haunt them. The townspeople were so scared of Beetlejuice that they called in a witch doctor to try and get rid of him.

The witch doctor summoned Beetlejuice and told him that if he wanted to stay in the town, he had to prove that he was a real ghost. Beetlejuice accepted the challenge and agreed to do a few tasks that the witch doctor asked of him.

Beetlejuice was able to complete all the tasks the witch doctor asked of him and the townspeople were amazed! They decided to keep Beetlejuice around since he had proven himself to be a real ghost. From that day on, Beetlejuice was a part of the town and he stayed there helping out with the occasional prank.

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